So, Chéri...

April 15, 2015

2623 NW 21 Terrace, suite 2623, Miami FL 33142

Reading and screening by Federica Bueti and Mehraneh Atashi


So, Chéri, what are you doing here,

in the evening heat.
Itʼs horribly humid, Chéri,
tell us one of your story,
makes us dream. Oh, Chéri
take a seat, in delight
your bum will ease on it.
And it will begin, again
memories run after
dashing against the wall.
Your exercises break the word apart
like two hands opening
in the shape of a Vee, indeed
you are the only Chéri,
and will read us story, hours
after hours, people will gather
so thirsty and
exhausted, you ask for
another drink.