Venezuelan Miami based composer dedicated himself to the investigation of sound and its relationship with the human mind and culture. He has composed extensively using contemporary techniques such as: electroacoustics, mixed media, performance, installations, radiophony and multimedia spectacles. In his effort to achieve the highest artistic quality level, Matamoros has frequently collaborated with prestigious artists such as: Alison Knowles, Russell Frehling, Malcolm Goldstein, Davey and Jan Williams, Jacqueline Humbert, Shahreyar Ataie, David Manson, Charles Recher, Lou Mallozzi, Helena Thevenot, Dinorah Rodriguez and Fred Lonberg-Holm, His projects have also included performances for the musical saw and other instruments of his own design. During a residency with Robert Ashley at ACA in NewSmyrnaBeach, he organized the first performance of the saw band SEE, a musical saw quartet which included Ryan Agnew, Ulrike Heydenreich and Stephanie Lie.