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Solidarity in Practice

  • 3841 NE Second Ave. Suite 103 Miami, FL 33137 (map)

Eddie Arroyo

is a native of Miami and has participated in the art community over the last couple of years. He has documented and written articles about exhibitions and events. A graduate of Fine Art from Florida International University he continues to practice art and edits for an online publication entitled “Art is About”. 

Art history is steeped with work capturing an event or moment in time through various mediums of expression. Notable work carries an undeniable empathetic tone which is evident in its intent. The process used in practice to arrive to these conclusions is the subject of discussion. Solidarity is an approach to execute these methods in its degree and type of integration displayed by a society or group within a community.

Panel of artists presented are Mark Diamond and Onajide Shabaka

Mark Diamond born in Panama moved to the States when he was nine years old. He is a photographer, filmmaker, and videographer. As an educator Diamond doggedly shares a vast array of leading edge imaging techniques with artists and young people in the hope of expanding the vocabulary of visual communications for all. Onajide Shabaka, was born in Ohio. He's photography and interest in art began in high school and continued through various post-secondary institutions: Art Center College of Design, and California College of the Arts, Florida Atlantic University, and a MFA from Vermont College of the Fine Arts. For the past ten years his practice has included art writing and independent curatorial work. Shabaka’s art makes use of various media including drawing, photography, sculpture, performance actions, and video.