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As Pure As Driven Snow: Water Fetish

The Nightclub invites you to As Pure As Driven Snow: Water Fetish, its eighteenth event involving a network of artists and producers. 

Curatorial Group I Reuben Shaw, Elliot Killen, Adrian Marti, Conner Karakul, Jessie Hawkins, and Ellen Sullivan

Snow persists in the cultural imagination as a quieting blanket under which the sleeping earth rests in anticipation of Spring’s rebirth. This “poem of the air” is water’s dance across the frozen landscape of the north.  Briefly airborne, she settles to mingle with her earthbound sister elements, and joins in carrying to the sea the traces of habitation.

Seemingly alien to the tropics, yet she travels incognito to threaten the coast as sea level rise.  In her guise as water she bears the dual emblems of purity and contamination, and in her feminine role she inspires possession and is objectified as commodity and utility, her beauty veiled.

This work steps into the catachresis between our water mythos and our water ethos. In her snow phase water bridges this gap, and this exhibit intends to evoke her immanent and transcendent qualities through a materialization of the experience of snow on the North Coast of the Great Lakes at the Atlantic Coast of Miami.  It is meant as a provocation, questioning what it means to both possess and be possessed by water and whether there is poetic means by which her purity can overcome contamination.

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